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Facts-Giving 2018 Infographic
As family and friends gather together from coast to coast this week, the average cost of their Thanksgiving dinners will vary based on their whereabouts. See the pricing trends and other “Facts-Giving” insights in this infographic from our Ai2 team.

The Five Hottest Food Trends of 2018
The culinary experts at Marlin Network, the foodservice agency within Advantage Marketing Partners, developed this convenient poster highlighting the year’s five hottest flavor trends to help spark innovation and conversation.

Influencing the Foodservice Operator Purchase Infographic
As a precursor to its upcoming Operator Vantage study, which will analyze how foodservice operators decide what to buy, Marlin Network shares this infographic outlining the five key steps operators take on their path to purchase.

Find Your Flavor: Macro Flavor Trends In Foodservice
Today’s consumers are constantly chasing their next favorite flavor. Staying ahead of this requires a comprehensive understanding of evolving consumer tastes, emerging menu trends, and broader category shifts. In this white paper, the culinary experts at Marlin Network, Advantage Marketing Partners’ foodservice agency, explore this year’s macro flavor trends contextualized with real-market examples.

The Power of Behavioral Analysis & The Consumer Identity Strategy
Discover in this white paper from AMP Agency how behavioral analysis can transform customer data into a consumer identity strategy:

  • See how brands are maximizing the value of every consumer interaction.
  • Learn how to build a better persona based on true consumer behaviors.
  • Find out how a data scientist helped a Major League Baseball
    players earn more than $100 million.
  • See how AMP Agency found under-served
    customer segments for a major fashion brand.

Adlucent 2018 Personalization vs. Privacy Study
Consumers today are becoming more aware of their digital data and demanding more transparency from brands around what data they’re collecting and how they’re using it. But while awareness has been heightened, this study from our search marketing experts at Adlucent uncovers that when it comes to data, many consumers still value personalization over privacy. More than ever, they expect brands to deliver relevant online experiences – and they’re willing to pony up some personal information to get it.

A Practical Approach to Improving Trade Promotion Effectiveness Despite the prevalence of trade promotions, many CPG companies lack the process and technology needed for robust promotion analysis. 38% of those surveyed by Advantage Solutions do not have a TPO system that combines financial and consumption data to calculate ROI let alone the depth of analysis experts agree is needed today: SKU-level weekly data, metrics for category growth and retailer profitability, and qualitative variables like display support, competitive activity, and weather. Advantage has introduced a solution that addresses all of the core requirements of TPO in a simple, faster, more practical manner.

The Evolving Millennial, Recognizing Key Life Stages to Win Their Loyalty: Everyone who's anyone is talking about the Millennials. In a newly published report, “The Evolving Millennial: Recognizing Key Life Stages to Win Their Loyalty,” SMARTeamTM Market Research investigates this increasingly influential generation and what makes it tick. The free publication, the first in a series, defines and tracks three standout segments -“Impressionables,” “Conventionalists,” and “Motleys” - that showcase how life stages change buying behavior.

Raising the Bar on CPG Sales Force Talent With the evolution of the retail landscape, the need for an evolved talent profile in the CPG sales force makes the difference in helping vendors and retailers alike succeed in today's increasingly competitive marketplace. Advantage partnered with Retail Leader and Progressive Grocer to show how we created a reliable channel for identifying and cultivating a new generation of leaders prepared to tackle the sales and marketing challenges presented by an ever-changing retail industry.

Health Conscious Attitudes Shape Business Decisions This new study from the Advantage SMARTeam details powerful consumer health insights that drive shopping behavior. The report explores health and lifestyle attitudes of consumers and how businesses can develop strategies to get consumers on the right track to better health. By catering to consumers' needs, businesses can boost sales with better business decisions.​

Distilling Data for the Most Effective Promotions and In-Store Merchandising In an era of Big Data, business and category managers must quickly navigate through vast landscapes of data to mine the most meaningful nuggets of insight and opportunity. Advantage teams up with Retail Leader and Progressive Grocer to show how we accomplish this with the help of our proprietary Speed to Insight™ analytics, insights​​ & intelligence platform, which includes a new robust trade promotion and assortment optimization tool.