For decades, Advantage has been providing clients with customized sales and marketing solutions in the grocery channel. We have national clients and extensive expertise across every aisle of the store from the front-end check stand, to center-store grocery and HBC, to perimeter-aisle perishables, and everything in between. Several factors are instrumental to our success driving profitable growth in this, our heritage channel.

  • The depth of our client portfolio and our retailer-centric resource deployment model ensure actionable relationships, tenure, and trust with key decision makers.
  • Our exclusive Analytics, Insights​​ & Intelligence tools coupled with proactive talent drive superior insights shared at HQ and action at the store level.
  • Our innovative marketing capabilities through Advantage Marketing Partners, PromoPoint Marketing, and Superfridge give us strategic cross-departmental HQ relationships, along with the ability to deliver end-to-end in-store promotional programs with closed-loop execution.
  • Our customized retail-services deployment and lower SKU count per rep enable greater brand expertise in store and stronger trust and influence with store management.​​​​​​


In 2012, Advantage formed a dedicated Fresh team to serve clients in the growing perimeter categories of meat, seafood, deli, dairy, and bakery. Over the last six years, this vertically-aligned team has expanded both organically and through the acquisitions of strong regional sales agencies focused in Fresh categories. The team has delivered significant growth for clients through its combination of national coverage with regional expertise and other key points of difference:

  • Proactive sales professionals with deep experience in perimeter categories and established relationships with retail partners.
  • Dedicated Fresh category management team providing the insights to drive client businesses.
  • Fresh Retail Specialists helping sell at retail, train retailers’ employees on client products, and gather timely information in-store.​​​​​​