Digital Technology

Advantage offers technology products and services to both manufacturers and retailers including business intelligence solutions, e-commerce capabilities, and content services.


Drives CPG efficiencies with business intelligence solutions across sales, supply chain, retail, and category disciplines.​​

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Flix Media​​

FlixMedia's retailer syndication network distributes rich content (e.g., digital images, videos, product specifications, etc.) to over 1,000 e-commerce sites for a more engaging online shopper experience.

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Quiverr is a leading ecommerce agency that advises and implements marketplace strategies for brands in the online channel. As an Amazon Platinum-level seller ranking in the top one-tenth of one percent of all Amazon sellers, Quiverr leverages extensive online selling experience to help brands manage their products and pricing in the hyper-competitive online marketplace.

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Sage Tree

Sage Tree's e-commerce capabilities cover a comprehensive set of services, including content development, brand reputation management, and representation of brands to online retailers.

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The Data Council​​

The Data Council is a leading innovator of reliable retail product information solutions. Its IX-ONE membership-based platform provides independently verified and standardized product information to vendors, brokers, distributors, retailers and key partners in the organic, natural and specialty products industry.

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