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Unleashing the Power of Trade Promotions
Retailers and consumer goods companies are taking a closer look at their returns on trade promotion spending. Advantage Solutions’ Jennifer Gruber offers her insights on using shopper metrics to drive results.

Picking Digital Priorities: The Commerce Score Informs Omnichannel Strategies
A pressing challenge facing consumer goods companies isn’t identifying e-commerce opportunities — it’s prioritizing the many opportunities. Enter the Advantage Solutions Commerce Score.

Silencing the Skeptics: Shopper Marketing Builds Brands, Drives Loyalty
New research from Advantage Marketing Partners and Catalina reveals shopper marketing’s immediate and long-term impact on incremental sales.

Proof Positive: Sampling Brings Long-Term Value
The Advantage Customer Experience team’s new analytical model reveals in-store sampling attracts new buyers who make repeat purchases.

Americans Are Getting Snack to Health
The rise in clean-label and plant-based eating is changing the snacking landscape in America. The Advantage Customer Experience team tracks the shift toward healthier snacks.

Store-Level Strength: Location-Specific, Item-Level Data Drives Brand ROI
Advantage’s Analytics, Insights & Intelligence division is combining store-level, geodemographic and psychographic data to increase consumer goods companies’ sales and return on investment.

Meet RORI: New Technology Boosts Return on Retail Investment
Atlas Technology Group is piloting an intelligent retail coverage system that enables on-the-fly changes to merchandisers’ priorities, tasks and time spent in each store, maximizing every minute.

Hatch Expo West Trend Report 2019
Hatch, the San Francisco-based branding and design agency, offers a fresh take on the year’s top trends based on insights gleaned from Natural Products Expo West 2019.

Upshot’s Eight Trends to Watch in 2019
The full-service, Chicago-based consumer marketing agency has published its annual perspective on the forces influencing brands in our culture and the marketplace. Use these eight trends to inspire your approach to high-velocity change and innovation. Also visit the microsite here.


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