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Learn to Win with the Emerging Brands Playbook
New products from emerging brands are breaking through on physical and digital shelves as companies quickly respond to consumer preferences and the rapidly evolving omnichannel marketplace.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 Report
To better understand what Amazon Prime Day means for brands’ advertising strategies, Adlucent, an Advantage Solutions company, surveyed 1,000 U.S. online shoppers to see what they expect out of the big day. Learn what categories consumers will be shopping most, what consumers are prioritizing in their shopping experience and how to set up an advertising strategy to take advantage of Prime Day, even if you aren’t selling on the marketplace.

Sampling as a Sales Strategy
The retail and consumer goods industry is embracing new forms of product sampling to spur trial and boost sales. In this white paper, the Advantage Customer Experience team offers insights into the evolution of product sampling and new tactics for engaging consumers.

A Brand New World
Changing consumer expectations and behavior are creating new branding opportunities and challenges. Three of our branding experts — Steve Cox of Daymon, Greer Pearce of AMP Agency and R. Eugene Heard of Hatch — share their insights on brand design strategies that work in today’s marketplace.

The Content Cookbook
The Content Cookbook offers food marketers effective strategies and templates to create a powerful content plan that attracts the attention of chefs, home cooks and retailers. The Content Cookbook is produced by Culinary Content Kitchen, an Advantage platform where brands, retailers, agencies and publications can source culinary content, including photos, videos, recipe concepts, social posts, emails and digital ads created by professional chefs, photographers, videographers, writers and producers.

Hot Stuff: Outdoor Grilling Season Takeaways
With 75% of adults owning a grill or smoker, sales opportunities abound for consumer goods manufacturers and retailers for the 15 weeks of summer. Find new seasonal insights in our fresh infographic.

Optimizing Online Opportunities
Nearly 200 retail and consumer goods industry executives immersed themselves in consumer trends, transformative technology, big data, and retail and marketing developments at the 2019 Advantage Digital Technology E-commerce Symposium. Read highlights in this on-the-scene report.

Unleashing the Power of Trade Promotions
Retailers and consumer goods companies are taking a closer look at their returns on trade promotion spending. Advantage Solutions’ Jennifer Gruber offers her insights on using shopper metrics to drive results.

Picking Digital Priorities: The Commerce Score Informs Omnichannel Strategies
A pressing challenge facing consumer goods companies isn’t identifying e-commerce opportunities — it’s prioritizing the many opportunities. Enter the Advantage Solutions Commerce Score.

Silencing the Skeptics: Shopper Marketing Builds Brands, Drives Loyalty
New research from Advantage Marketing Partners and Catalina reveals shopper marketing’s immediate and long-term impact on incremental sales.

Proof Positive: Sampling Brings Long-Term Value
The Advantage Customer Experience team’s new analytical model reveals in-store sampling attracts new buyers who make repeat purchases.

Americans Are Getting Snack to Health
The rise in clean-label and plant-based eating is changing the snacking landscape in America. The Advantage Customer Experience team tracks the shift toward healthier snacks.

Store-Level Strength: Location-Specific, Item-Level Data Drives Brand ROI
Advantage’s Analytics, Insights & Intelligence division is combining store-level, geodemographic and psychographic data to increase consumer goods companies’ sales and return on investment.

Meet RORI: New Technology Boosts Return on Retail Investment
Atlas Technology Group is piloting an intelligent retail coverage system that enables on-the-fly changes to merchandisers’ priorities, tasks and time spent in each store, maximizing every minute.

Hatch Expo West Trend Report 2019
Hatch, the San Francisco-based branding and design agency, offers a fresh take on the year’s top trends based on insights gleaned from Natural Products Expo West 2019.

Upshot’s Eight Trends to Watch in 2019
The full-service, Chicago-based consumer marketing agency has published its annual perspective on the forces influencing brands in our culture and the marketplace. Use these eight trends to inspire your approach to high-velocity change and innovation. Also visit the microsite here.


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