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Meet RORI: New Technology Boosts Return on Retail Investment
Atlas Technology Group is piloting an intelligent retail coverage system that enables on-the-fly changes to merchandisers’ priorities, tasks and time spent in each store, maximizing every minute.

Hatch Expo West Trend Report 2019
Hatch, the San Francisco-based branding and design agency, offers a fresh take on the year’s top trends based on insights gleaned from Natural Products Expo West 2019.

Upshot’s Eight Trends to Watch in 2019
The full-service, Chicago-based consumer marketing agency has published its annual perspective on the forces influencing brands in our culture and the marketplace. Use these eight trends to inspire your approach to high-velocity change and innovation. Also visit the microsite here.


Facts-Giving 2018 Infographic
As family and friends gather together from coast to coast this week, the average cost of their Thanksgiving dinners will vary based on their whereabouts. See the pricing trends and other “Facts-Giving” insights in this infographic from our Ai2 team.

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